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A website dedicated to a specific interest reinforces its identity if its ads follow the same passion as its members.  Serving relevant ads in an appropriate manner will actually lead to increased traffic while providing the revenue necessary for success.
With AdSauce you have total control of content posted to your site.

Websites devoted to clubs, sports, recreation, crafting, local music, unions or regional industry all benefit by adopting AdSauce.

  • A website dedicated to the crafting arts will engage its visitors if the ads pertain to crafting; Used judiciously, ad spots assists your advertisers to feature specials or product niches while at the same time helping your site visitors find what they need.
  • Employ a social message board: set it up so that every space is a paid space and is available to link to another website. Let your crafters post a picture of items for sale giving them an outlet for their creations.  Congrats, you just created a shopping mall on your site.  Your crafters gain exposure, make the money from the sale and you get the ad revenue and the additional traffic.
  • Use a business directory as a resource, listing all of the businesses in your target audience’s interest area. For your website dedicated to photography, all stores that sell to the photography community benefit from being listed on your website directory.  Those stores can then upgrade their listing so as to stand out.   These are relevant ads that benefit your audience by making it easy to shop for their needs.

Local sports teams, from Little League and AYSO to Adult Rec Leagues benefit by using AdSauce to raise money.

  • Post pictures of the games and let friends and family make comments using the social message board. Give your sponsors the opportunity to have their message embedded within all of the pictures.
  • along with a photo while at the same time making a donation to the entity. When little Johnnie hits the home run, his grandparents in another state, are not left out.  They can post a congratulatory message and make a small donation that they know will help his team directly.

Registered non-profits retain 90% of revenue.