youth sports


AdSauce relieves pressure of budgeting by helping schools and school districts raise additional funds for sports programs, clubs, dances, reunions, class field trips, equipment, and classroom materials. AdSauce features are easy to create and maintain, so putting in extra time and effort is never an issue. With AdSauce you have complete control over all the content posted onto your site.

Engage students, faculty, and family in school spirit with the social message board

  • Build school spirit with a social message board with just donation and sponsor spots for sporting events. Family and friends can post pictures of their players can a supportive message with their monetary support.
  • Attract sponsorships by cycling sponsor and messaging spots together. Local businesses can post a message about their business alongside student selfies, so the posts will be in rotation.
  • Let out-of-state family members support their young loved ones by setting up a board for them to post on. On that board, they can post encouragement with their donations.

Display a list of school sponsors with a business directory

  • Show appreciation for school sponsors by creating different levels of sponsorships on a business directory, for local businesses to be listed on.
  • Give current sponsors the option to list their business for me, or to contribute a little more for more exposure on the school website.

Utilize ad spots to thank sponsors for their monetary contributions

  • Thank larger sponsors, donors, and contributors for their monetary gifts with their own ad spots, place in the school website.
  • For events that receive donations from local businesses, create ad spots for those businesses as a thank you on your website.