Rules of Revenue distribution to Publishers

Payments are made per publisher
Starting with the gross transaction amount, PayPal will deduct
For Amounts $12.00 and over, 2.9% plus $.30.
For Amounts $11.99 and below, 5% plus $.05.
From the net transaction amount, you will receive your percentage share depending on if you are a “for profit” (80%), or a “non-profit”(90%).
All calculations will be rounded up in favor of the publisher.

Receiving Payments through Adsauce
Pay Period
Funds are considered earned when the ad has completed its run time.
Ads under 30 days that have not completed their run by the end of the month will be paid the following month.
For ads with a run time beyond 30 days, funds will be dispersed as they are accrued during each 30 day period.
Example: A Directory advertiser subscribes and pays for 1 year. 1/12th of the funds will accrue to the publisher each month and will be distributed on the pay date.

Processing your Funds
All monies in excess of the reserve requirement will be sent to you via PayPal.
$1.00 will be deducted from each monthly disbursement amount to cover the PayPal processing fee.

The following will occur on the 10th of each following month
You will receive a disbursement from your AdSauce account, provided that you have met the following requirements:
Your “Reserve Balance” is met
Your account is not experiencing a high rate of charge backs, rejections, and non-approvals of submitted content,
You have earned and accumulated at least $50.00 in your account above the reserve balance requirement.

Calculating the “Reserve Balance”
Of your first three months of sales, AdSauce withholds one third for your reserve account, or until the minimum requirement is reached.
The minimum reserve requirement is $100.00
Once the minimum requirement is met, AdSauce will withhold 10% of all sales, on a 90-day rolling basis.
The maximum amount to be withheld is $5,000.00.
Your reserve account may be reviewed once every 180 days upon request.

Your reserve balance may be adjusted up or down based on the following parameters, however the minimum requirement will always be at $100.00
– Average monthly sales during the past 6 months.
– Average charge back and refund rate for the past 6 months.

Charges and Increases to the Reserve Balance
Your reserve balance may increase if your account experiences any of the following
– A high rate of charge backs (exceeding the average rate of charge backs for all accounts by 20%)
– A high rate of ad rejections or non-approvals (exceeding the average rate of ad rejections/non-approvals for all accounts by 20%)

Reasons for charges on your account
A high rate of ad rejections/non-approvals will result in a charge to the Publisher of the transaction fees associated with those ad submissions.
If you experience a charge back you will be charged your share of the transaction amount, plus your share of any bank charges resulting from the charge back

Inactive Accounts and Termination
Inactive Accounts

If a website account becomes inactive, reserve funds will be held for 180 days from the last ad run time completion.
They will be dispersed on the 10th of following month following the completion of the 180 days

Reasons for Termination
If an account continues to experience a high rate of chargebacks and /or ad rejections, that account is subject to termination.
Accounts inactive for 12 months will be closed.