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AdSauce offers a variety of ways a religious organization can enhance their donations and engage their members. Fellowships within the congregation and community events create many opportunities to use AdSauce’s time efficient, no cost features. With AdSauce you have complete control over the content posted to your website.

Create a business directory that aids both, local businesses and your community members

  • Use the business directory to create a roster of members for free and allow local businesses to list their businesses for a price.
  • Local businesses and restaurants can list specials for congregation members to boost their sales, while you generate weekly revenue from their postings.
  • Create a comfortable environment for parishioners who provide services like babysitting, but don’t want to list themselves on websites like Craigslist. This way parishioners will be able to feel safe listing themselves and hiring off of the reliable directory.

Increase donations and engagement amongst congregation members with a social message board

  • Increase donations by creating social message board that features donation only spots. Donors can post pictures of themselves, family, or intentions for the entire congregation to see.
  • Set up a “Post a Prayer” board that allows your congregation to share their prayers, so that other parishioners can pray for them to build a stronger sense of community.
  • Share fun events, joyous moments, and other social functions on a social message board just for sharing and engaging to form

Spread the word of good deeds by parishioners to other parishioners through ad spots

  • Feature generous community members and local businesses with ad spots to recognize their efforts within your religious organization
  • Instead of an ad, give recognition to certain members of your congregation.
  • Show the good deeds that relate to the sermon of the week by posting an ad spot of them next to the sermon on your website.

Retain 90% of revenue as a registered non-profit.