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AdSauce opens a path to more donors without taking time away from existing fundraising or extra man power. Through AdSauce features, give recognition to donors while highlighting events and activities that engage your community. With AdSauce, you have complete control over content posted to your site.

Create a social message board that fits your needs

  • Recognize modest and casual donors by setting up a social message board just for donations. Let members post a picture and comment with their monetary support.
  • Allow community member and sponsor posts to cycle together. For an event, save donation spots for major event sponsors and have attendees post alongside in the same board.
  • Showcase multiple social message boards on one page or feature one social message board throughout your website. Change the size and location to fit each page to your liking.
  • Encourage engagement on your website by allowing site visitors and members to actively post and comment on the social message board. Visitors will return to and share their posts with family and friends.
  • Boost website traffic numbers while captivating your community and amassing donations and sponsorships.

Exhibit business sponsors through a self-serve business directory

  • Create different levels of monetary sponsorship with set levels of exposure on the business directory. Business sponsors can choose their contribution with corresponding listing.
  • Reveal to your community who your business sponsors are, so you community members will be more inclined to do business with an organization that supports their interests.

Give large donors the recognition they deserve with ad spots

  • Strategically place ad spots throughout your website that will highlight large donors’ contributions, while encouraging others to do the same.

Retain 90% of revenue as a registered non-profit.