1. Does AdSauce provide advertisers?
  2. How do I get advertisers?
  3. How do I know if an advertiser wants to rent an ad spot?
  4. Who creates the ads for my advertisers?
  5. How do I determine the right price for my ad spots?
  6. Do I have to price the “Basic” level of the business directory as “Free”?
  7. How many ad spots should I have on one page?
  8. How do I know if my advertiser was successful?
  9. How Many spaces can I have for the Message Board?
  10. Do I get charged when I allow free messages on the message board?
  11. Do I need a minimum amount of traffic before I can host ads?
  12. When do I get paid for the ads that have run?




Answers to FAQ’s:

  1. At this time, AdSauce does NOT provide advertisers. We provide the ability to host advertising, sponsoring and donating.
  2. There are different ways that you can obtain advertisers.

All site visitors are able to just click on a link in the ad location they wish to advertise in. It is all self-serve for the advertisers.


If you have a current list of sponsors that you have been working with, then that is a great start. Solicit them first, then ask for referrals. Canvas local businesses that would benefit from having an association with your organization.

For Profits:

If you are a blogger and write about a certain subject or geographic area, solicit advertisers who would benefit from exposure to the highly targeted population that indulges in your missives.

In either case, once the potential advertiser says yes, all they need to do is go online and place the ad. All you do is follow up to make sure they do it.

  1. Whenever an advertiser “submits” an ad, you the publisher, get notified from the AdSauce app via email that you have an ad “Pending”.   You then have three days to view and approve the content of that submitted ad. It is best to do this as soon as you can to give your advertiser the good news that their ad has been accepted. As soon as you accept or reject the ad, the advertiser will be notified by the AdSauce app. If you do nothing during the 3 day time frame, the ad will be cancelled and the advertiser notified. (This is not good for business.)
  2. The advertiser can easily create their own ads. It is as simple as uploading an image or photo, and in some cases, adding some text. For those who want to create an original graphic image, there are inexpensive resources listed in our resource directory.
  3. Pricing is very important to your success. How many ad spaces do you have on a page? How many ads per space do you allow? When first starting, it is best to limit these numbers, increasing them as demand for space grows. Starting with a low inventory attractively priced will help fill ad space leading to increased demand. From there you can increase inventory or price. Set your pricing, but listen to your advertisers and adjust accordingly. Remember that the number of “Uniques” and “Page Views” that your site receives will affect the price you can charge. This is information that you have given the advertiser and they will expect ad spots to be priced accordingly.
  4. No, you may price it however you wish. We use that as a base so that those who wish to use it as a benefit for their members can give a base listing for free.
  5. Nobody likes to be bombarded with ads, so it is our suggestion to keep the number modest. For the Social Message Board that allows free message posting, we recommend no more than 1 per 10 spaces.
  6. There are many things that effect the success of an ad. The only thing that you can track is how many “views” the ad received and how many “Click Throughs” the ad received. An ad can get just one click through, but if is results in a large sale for the advertiser, they might consider it very successful, and vice versa, if you receive a lot of click throughs and no additional sales, you may consider it a failure. Most of the time the success or failure of the ad has to do with the ad content and the goals of the ad as set by the advertiser. Having said that, make sure you are not over saturating your page with ad spots and that you are doing all you can to drive traffic to the site.
  7. The Social Message Board comes standard with 100 spaces. How you configure it will determine how many show at one time. If you use it in a manner that all spaces are paid, and set the limit at 10 per space, it will hold 1,000 uses. If you set it up with free message posts, the number of ad spaces available will be what you set the number to be along with how many ads you will rotate per space. If you set 7 spaces at 5 ads each, you will have 35 ad spaces available and 93 free spaces available for free messaging. If the messaging gets full of free messages, then the next free post will automatically bump the oldest free post from the board. If your Social Message Board gets extremely popular and you need additional capacity, please call contact us and we will be happy to help.
  8. As long as you have an appropriate number of paid ad spots within the free posts, there is no charge for the board.
  9. There is no minimum traffic number requirement. AdSauce is specifically built for light traffic sites. We are happy to support even one youth teams microsite so they can raise funds, or an event that is held only once per year. That is part of our mission.
  10. The short answer is on the 10th of each month, all monies due will be electronically transferred into the PayPal account you have designated in your account profile. For a more in depth answer, please read the AdSauce Revenue and Refund Policy. You may view, at any time, how much money you have earned and how much will be paid to you