Welcome to the American Legion Yacht Club

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To the left we have two different ad spots, both in the “Rectangle” size. The ad spot on top displays water vests for dogs, targeting members of the ALYC who like to take their dogs out onto the water with them. The ad spot below shows services boat owners would be interested in to keep up the maintenance of their boats. To the right, there is an ad spot in the “Half Page” size. Cycling through are images of boating fashion for both males and females.
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Welcome to the American Legion Yacht Club! Since 1966, our community has grown to over a 1000 members and have been named “Club of the Year” for nine years by the Southern California Yachting Association. Check out photos from our members at our events, with their families, and enjoying the waters. Come and join the fun!

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Listed below are the wonderful Sponsors and Members who help the American Legion Yacht Club to continue to flourish and grow!

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