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Your website is up all year, but the actual event is 1 day to a week in length.  People in the community look forward to these events, plan vacations around them.  In short, they are very important to the communities they serve, thought about and talked about for months before and after.
With AdSauce you have total control of content posted to your site.

Engage with those communities both prior to and after the event.

  • List your vendors on the event website using the business directory in the immediate months prior to and after the event. Offer this basic listing for free, as a benefit to the vendor. Allow them to upgrade to a standard or premium listing, for a fee.  Adding this service benefits both the vendor and the event host, but also gives attendees the opportunity to make plans to connect with their favorite vendors and do follow up again after the show.
  • The same can be said for business within the geographical community that will benefit from the out of town attendees. Hospitality, food service and local attractions are all possibilities.

Events, Fairs and Festivals are a great opportunity to take advantage of the social message board.

  • Event goers can post pictures of themselves at the event for free, thereby creating new fresh content for the website. This brings additional people in the community to the event and to the website, enhancing the traffic numbers for both.
  • Ad locations intermittently offered throughout the board sell out quickly.
  • All of the content is approved by the website host prior to posting.

Major Sponsors can have their very own strategically located ad spot of your size and choosing.
Remember, you are not being charged when you’re not hosting ads, and when you fire it all up again next year, you will automatically be using the latest version with all the updates at no extra charge and no extra work.