Enhance your light-traffic website’s revenue with AdSauce

Other banner ad servers are built for high-traffic websites and require a minimum of 1,600 unique visitors per day before you can use their products. That means a website needs 50,000 unique visitors per month for the host to make a profit- that’s where AdSauce comes in.

AdSauce advertisers are selected by special interest and proximity, which creates ads that become content and reinforce the website’s sense of community. Your visitors will see ads vendors near by or with a shared interest.
For example, if your website focuses on Montana fishing, then Montana-based fishing ads help your site’s identify as a resource. Since your sponsors can reach their target audience they’ll pay more for their ads – and you set the price. Furthermore, the social message board can be used by local fishing lodges to post “biggest catch” winners which generates topical content for your website (which can be monetized by embedded ad spots).

Attract sponsorship from small business owners

AdSauce advertisers pay for time: Surveys have consistently shown small business owners prefer ad spaces to be priced by time. Ad spots let small businesses connect with their community, the business directory gives them recognition and the social message board lets them interact with their primary audience.

We simplify and remove all costs for serving ads

Ad management systems require you to buy, update and manage their software plus integrate supporting software packages. AdSauce uses cloud-based technology which is faster, more stable and more secure than other options. It also means that you always have latest version every time you use it.

  • AdSauce is the only ad system that has no website approval process. If you’re legal you qualify.
  • AdSauce can be live in minutes.
  • Advertisers can create their own ads and post them in minutes (they’re live only after you approve them).
  • Competitors will only supply mass-market ads which are off-topic to your wesite content.

AdSauve vs. Google AdSense

Google’s AdSense requires website owners to repetitively manage keywords to make sure their ad gets seen on the appropriate sites offering advertisers no guarantees where they will appear.

Google AdSense ads appear based on what the website visitor did online during the past couple of weeks. Google ads have nothing to do with the website on which they appear. Website owners only earn money from click-throughs of these irrelevant ads. Since a 2% click-through rate is considered very good, it’s easy to see why Google’s Adsense only makes sense for very high traffic websites.

When visitors do click on an ad, only 51% of the revenue earned goes to the website host while AdSauce ads yield at least 80% of whatever price the host sets. Most light-traffic websites using Google AdSense make less than $50 per month with an average of much less. Things aren’t much better for their advertisers: Over 90% of small businesses do not succeed in the making the cost of their ad buy back in sales using Google AdSense.

The AdSauce Challenge

AdSauce can piggyback onto websites using other ad systems Google AdSense – Allowing you to compare the income generated by each. Over time it is our bet you will make much more money from AdSauce spots.