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It is no secret that cities are in need of additional funding.  The question is how to raise revenue without adding costs to the budget, how to add helpful features to the website without bombarding visitors with irrelevant ads?
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Letting city licensed vendors such as engineers, architects, contractors, etc. have a special business directory for the citizens to find them would be an excellent way to offset some of the cities costs.

  • By giving licensed businesses a free listing within the business directory, the city is providing those businesses an incentive to make sure they stay licensed. This benefits the community by providing an easy way for the citizens to make sure they are dealing with a reputable firm or just to find a licensed service provider.
  • By offering the licensee the opportunity to enhance that listing for a fee lets the business set themselves apart from the others, while, at the same time, raising funds the city could well use.

The Parks and Rec department can benefit by using the social message board on its page of the city website.

  • Let citizens’ post pictures of park events on the site. Let licensed vendors within the city post ads within that content.
  • Sporting goods stores within your city would stand in line to be involved.

Local Political Campaigns

  • Political campaigns will generate grass roots dollars using the social message board while giving constituents a voice. They post a picture with a comment, letting their neighbors know of their support.
  • For the campaign, its money and real faces endorsing them all in one location.
  • Very easy and more effective than putting up a yard sign.

Registered non-profits retain 90% of revenue