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BusinessBusiness & Trade Associations

AdSauce provides free software that allows you to showcase your company and collaborators with hassle-free tools. Engage with your community while also receiving passive revenue from an application you can adjust to fit the look of your website. With AdSauce you have complete control over the content posted to your website.

From Special Business Districts to the local Chamber of Commerce, the business directory is especially strong since their mandate is often to promote local business.

  • Participation can be a benefit of membership with the option for a Business to upgrade their listing themselves, adding additional information for a fee, which the website organizer sets
  • If the roster has 200 members, $10 each per month for 12 months is a lot of funding with minimal effort.)

An ad spot would work well to feature a Business of the Month. The social message board works well for events.

  • Let the participants post pics for free while they are at the event. Your sponsors would love being featured in ads embedded in that content.  Increases in both event and website traffic will add additional benefits to your bottom line and the enjoyment of your audience.

Trade Groups, Conferences and Conventions

  • An Architect belongs to the Society of Architects as a plumber would belong to his local trade union and as most people who are specialists belong to a group or community that provides a place to network and learn.
  • The benefits of these organizations is the ability of members to refer business to other members, of service providers to engage with the community that their business supports, and for outsiders to reach into the community to find someone to work with.

All of the AdSauce tools can be used in various ways to connect people with whom they are searching for while at the same time generating additional revenue for the organization.
Registered non-profits retain 90% of revenue