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Experts who have built a target audience can take advantage of their passion without compromising their message.
With AdSauce you have total control of content posted to your site.

Gain specialty advertisers

  • If you’re a restaurant blogger focusing on Eastern European food, shops around the country that specialize in this cuisine would be more than happy to pay higher rates for ad spots on your blog as they know they will be reaching their targeted audience.
  • Only AdSauce lets advertisers click on ad spots to submit ads themselves.

Engage your readers

  • If your website is about muscle cars, use the social message board to allow readers to post pictures of what they drive next to muscle car ads your readers will recognize and appreciate.
  • Your advertisers will pay extra to have the opportunity to be located in the heart of user-generated content.
  • The fact that advertisers can upload their ads themselves gives them easy access to your audience.
  • You price and approve all ads, thus keeping the content of your site in sync and reinforce your website’s identity.

All submitted content needs your approval before it publicly appears